Sea Water Reverse Osmosis


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SeaWater Desalination ( ECO-DESAL)

ECO Sea-Water Reverse Osmosis plant employs energy recovery systems that reduce energy requirements by up to 40%. ECO SWRO is one of the most economical methods of desalinating seawater.

ECO DESAL plants are designed to treat sea water, or high salinity groundwater, with < 40,000 mg/L of dissolved solids (TDS) and < 30 mg/L of suspended solids (TSS), to achieve potable water quality.

The standard treatment process involves pre filtration (auto-backwashing multimedia filters and cartridge filters), anti-scalant dosing to prevent membrane scaling, RO desalination and auto flushing and CIP systems for membrane cleaning. Additional pre-RO and post-RO treatment steps may be added as required to suit feed water conditions and/or treated water quality requirements.

SWRO plants are available as skid mounted or containerised systems.

If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss our custom designed desalination plants or quote.

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