The River water is naturally a pure water which consists of heavy TSS & Turbidity sometime, so before human consumption it should be treated by proper sedimentation techniques, so that the water will be potable.

Eco Chem Treating almost 30000 m3/Day of river water per day in Asia & African region through our client projects.

River water Worst Case Inlet :

TSS – 3000 mg/l

Turbidity – 950 mg/l

Normally for this Sedimentation, HRSCC heavy Civil structures had been used, Eco Chem designed special type of zero Civil Lamella plate settlers especially for the River Water Treatment.

Eco Chem treated Water Result :

TSS – <10 mg/l

Turbidity – <5 mg/l


Advantages :

  1. Zero Civil Works
  2. Easy to Install
  3. Quality output
  4. No need of Bulk Civil investment